Whether you’re a parent, educator, youth or community group leader, or mentor—we can help.

Who We Are

The Cathermans’ books and resources for tweens, teens, parents, educators, and mentors have benefited millions of people around the world. They have written seven #1 new release and three #1 bestselling books, including Raising Them Ready and The Manual to Manhood. Erica is a 500-hour RYT certified instructor, mentor, and coach, and Jonathan is a development sociologist. They have spoken more than 2,000 times worldwide to diverse audiences of all ages about the principles and strengths that empower personal greatness. For his commitment to understanding societal development and factors impacting youth, Jonathan has been honored with the President’s Volunteer Service Award, the Martin Luther King Jr. Drum Major for Service Award, the National Alliance of Faith and Justice Award, and multiple Parents’ Choice and Community Partnership Awards.


Jonathan and Erica Catherman Hiking with Dog

Jonathan and Erica were high school sweethearts in the Pacific Northwest. They attended university, married, and started their family in Seattle, WA, before moving cross country to Charlotte, NC. Their sons are now grown and flown yet remain close enough for regular visits, family weekends, and occasional refrigerator raids. The Catherman’s work as authors and speakers has been featured internationally in print, podcasts, radio, and television appearances.

What We Do

Our passion is guiding 21st-century youth to become confident and capable adults.

We are dedicated to understanding what mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets best influence the character and leadership development of today’s emerging generation. We work to pass on that knowledge to teens and the adults who influence them in a variety of ways…


1M Mentoring helps adults invest in mentoring relationships to build up teens’ skills, character, confidence, and abilities. Over 400 schools have partnered with us to host Men in the Making and Women in the Making clubs.


Whether you are an educator looking to help students transition to middle school; a school, community, or faith group looking for mentoring resources; or a parent trying to stay connected to your teenager in a changing world, we have resources to help.

Speaking and media:

The Cathermans speak worldwide to diverse audiences of all ages including educators, parents, coaches, military groups, and community and faith leaders. Whether you are looking for someone to address today’s youth culture, cultural norm shifts between generations, leadership development, the significance of stewardship, or the value of mentoring, we’d love to share everything we know. Book an event here. View sample media or more information for media here.

Books for teens and adults:

Our bestselling books for youth are practical guides to navigating the teen years and becoming confident and capable adults. We’re now writing to help parents, educators, and mentors understand the generation gap and pass on the critical principles needed for a life of success and purpose. View our books.

Whether the emerging generation knows it or not, they need you. Their greatness tomorrow begins with your guidance today.